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Gas dispenser

From dispensing equipment to cutting-edge farm and utility pump systems and lubrication equipment,

you can find the parts and filters you need for maintenance and repair with just one quick visit to our fully stocked parts department. Put our history and industry relationships to the test, and get parts and filters from quality brand names at a lower price — call R & R Petroleum Equipment & Sales Inc today!

Parts and filters in stock

The most trusted names across multiple industries

With the right tools, even the biggest of projects are manageable. Contact our knowledgeable staff today and tell us about your project — we have the tools that you need to get the job done!

Looking to DIY?

We can help!

  • Gilbarco

  • Passport

  • Gasboy

  • Veeder-Root

  • Red-Jacket

  • Fill-Rite

  • OPW Fueling Components

  • OPW Fuel Management Systems

Wide range of products available:

If we don’t have it,

we'll special order it:


  • NOV

  • Smith Fibercast Pipe

  • Xerxes Tank

  • Containment Solutions

  • EBW

  • APT

  • Morrison Valve

  • Franklin Fueling Systems

  • Universal Valve Company

  • 3M

  • VeriFone

  • LSI

  • Cimtek

  • Bravo

  • Coxreels


Farm Hoses

  • Static Bonded

  • 1” and ¾”

  • Lengths varying from 10’ to 20’

  • Starting at $9.99!