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24 Hour Emergency Service

Petroleum Services

With service technicians that are available night and day, you can count on R & R Petroleum Equipment & Sales Inc to handle your pump and storage tank emergency repairs. You don't have to wait until there's an emergency to get our attention, though! All standard service calls are evaluated and routed to the technician that is best suited to handle your needs. Additionally, we bring you custom solutions and also specialize in point of sale.

Fast response time to emergency issues

Proudly serving:

  • Cathodic Protection Testing

  • Line Testing

  • Line Leak Testing

  • EPA Compliance

  • State Compliance

  • Tank Setting and Removal

  • Tank Cleaning

         *At this time we do not offer tank  

         tightness testing


Services provided

Basic package

  • Includes calibration of meters

  • Reset if necessary

  • Visual inspection of dispenser

  • Verification totalizer is operational

  • Submittal of paperwork to Weights and Measures

         This service we provide on an annual basis. This verifies that meter calibration is within state tolerance

24/7 emergency

response services:


  • All of North Dakota

  • Northern half of Minnesota

  • Eastern South Dakota

Service packages

Midgrade package

  • Includes Basic Package

  • Sump inspection

  • Tank water inspection

  • Tank monitor verification

  • Spill bucket inspection

  • Leak detection annual test

  • Precision line test

  • Impact valve inspection

Gold package

  • Includes Basic and Midgrade Packages

  • Open CPU and vacuum out dust

  • Visually inspect all connections

  • Visually inspect cooling fans

  • Check battery life in UPS

  • Inspect routers and report any PCI concerns

  • Check service path against current